College event coordinators! Let us help you bring the entertainers that you desire, to your campuses. This can be a great tool to attract attention to your school and city and will definitely interest potential future students.

Over the years, we have been able to work closely with universities all over the country, and we now completely understand the process and of having an event on campus. We are also able to book any artist you may want for a price much lower than the going market rate. Our goal is to save you money so you can benefit by turning profit from the event. We design shows that win. This gives you the ability to spend more in your advertising budget in order to generate the best attendance for your event and therefore maximize your event’s profitability. In turn, this increases the likelihood of a successful, sold out show and future successful sold out shows.


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O4L is exceptional in live music, worldwide – encompassing the most vibrant and extensive roster of Artists across all genres.

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